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News Release : November 16, 2006


Hoy Murphy, Public Information Officer (304) 558-3381

Contact: Paul Johansen, Wildlife Resources Section (304) 558-2771

Additional Deer Muzzleloader Stamps (Class RM and RRM) Must be Purchased Prior to Muzzleloader Season

During the 2006 calendar year a West Virginia resident may purchase only one Class RM stamp and a nonresident may purchase only one Class RRM stamp for use during the muzzleloader deer hunting season. Only one deer may be taken with a Class RM or RRM stamp. The Class RM and RRM stamps must be purchased before December 11, 2006, prior to the opening of muzzleloader season, which runs from December 11 through December 16.

To take an additional muzzleloader deer, all residents, except resident landowners hunting on their own land, are required to purchase a Class RM stamp. All nonresidents are required to purchase a Class RRM stamp if they choose to take an additional muzzleloader deer.

Class RM and Class RRM stamps may be used to take one additional deer in the muzzleloader season in all counties having a muzzleloader season. RM or RRM stamps are valid for taking one antlered deer in all counties having a muzzleloader season or they may be used to take one either-sex deer in counties and selected Wildlife Management Areas or other public lands having a Class N or NN antlerless season bag limit of two or more antlerless (Class N) deer (see 2006-2007 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary).

It is important to note that deer hunting in the muzzleloader season on the Class RM or RRM stamp can begin on the day after legally checking the first muzzleloader deer. Additionally, hunters are reminded that only three antlered deer may be taken in a calendar year in all deer seasons combined.

A bow or crossbow cannot be substituted for a muzzleloader during the muzzleloader season. Concurrent archery hunting is legal during the muzzleloader season subject to all archery hunting deer regulations, except that archery hunters must wear at least 400 square inches of blaze orange as an outer garment.

Muzzleloader hunters should be aware there are special deer carcass transport regulations for deer killed in Hampshire County North of US Route 50. For further information please consult the Deer Muzzleloader Season section of the 2006-2007 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary available from license agents, DNR offices or the DNR website at


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