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News Release : June 27, 2007


Hoy Murphy , Public Information Officer (304) 558-3381
Sis Summers, Parks and Recreation Section (304) 558-2764

West Virginia State Parks Presents Summer Performer Series

West Virginia State Parks is proud to present the 2007 Summer Performers Series scheduled at various park and forest locations. Performers for this summer include the environmental magic of Garry Boothe; storytelling by Karen Vuranch, Susanna “Granny Sue” Holstein, Mountain Echoes, and Mountain Women; variety entertainer Tom King; champion liar Bil Lepp; Lou Maiuri’s traditional Appalachian dance; bluegrass, country, and old-time gospel music by Jim ‘n’ I; music and storytelling by Mick Souter; Doug Wood performing as Cherokee Leader Ostenaco; Medicinal Plants program by Diane Anestis; a geology program with the West Virginia Geological Survey; and the Three Rivers Avian Center’s West Virginia Birds of Prey program. Admission to all performances is free.

The following is a schedule for the 2007 summer performers. Visit for updates and additions to the schedule. Call 1-800-CALL WVA or the individual area for a list of times and specific locations the program will be presented at each park, forest or wildlife management area.

Table of State Parks Summer Performer Series
Date Performer Park/Forest/ Wildlife Management Area
28 Three Rivers Avian Center Pipestem Resort
1 Granny Sue Beech Fork
3 Doug Wood Beech Fork
3 Jim ‘n’ I Cacapon Resort
4 Granny Sue Canaan Valley Resort
4 Jim ‘n’ I Lost River
5 Bil Lepp Blackwater Falls
5 Doug Wood Greenbrier SF
5 Dianne Anestis Pipestem Resort
6 Doug Wood Pipestem Resort
6 Granny Sue North Bend
6 Lou Maiuri Holly River
6 Bil Lepp Watoga
7 Garry Boothe Watoga
7 Granny Sue Twin Falls
7 Bil Lepp Panther SF
7 Tom King Beech Fork
8 Bil Lepp Tygart Lake
9 Mick Souter Prickett’s Fort
11 Mick Souter Cacapon Resort
11 Bil Lepp Canaan Valley Resort
12 Lou Maiuri Pipestem Resort
12 Garry Boothe Blackwater Falls
12 Three Rivers Avian Center Greenbrier SF
12 Mick Souter Lost River
13 Mick Souter Bluestone SP
13 Garry Boothe Greenbrier SF
13 Tom King North Bend
13 Dianne Anestis Beech Fork
13 Three Rivers Avian Center Watoga
14 Jim ‘n’ I Watoga
14 Lou Maiuri North Bend
17 Three Rivers Avian Center Cacapon Resort
17 Jim ‘n’ I Blackwater Falls
18 Three Rivers Avian Center Lost River
20 Granny Sue Pipestem Resort
20 Three Rivers Avian Center Twin Falls
20 Tom King Greenbrier SF
21 Mountain Echoes Tygart Lake
21 Garry Boothe Beech Fork
21 Mick Souter Berwind Lake WMA
23 Tom King Pipestem Resort
24 Mick Souter Prickett’s Fort
24 WV Geological Survey Blackwater Falls
25 WV Geological Survey Blackwater Falls
25 Mick Souter Canaan Valley Resort
25 Bil Lepp Cacapon Resort
26 Lou Maiuri Blackwater Falls
26 Bil Lepp Lost River
27 Bil Lepp Twin Falls
27 Three Rivers Avian Center Holly River
27 WV Geological Survey Greenbrier SF
28 Garry Boothe Panther SF
28 Tom King Watoga
28 Three Rivers Avian Center Beech Fork
28 Granny Sue Lost River
29 The Mountain Women Tygart Lake
29 Garry Boothe Berwind Lake WMA
30 Granny Sue Cacapon Resort
31 Tom King Blackwater Falls
1 Tom King Canaan Valley Resort
2 Bil Lepp Pipestem Resort
2 Lou Maiuri Kumbrabow SF
2 Jim ‘n’ I Greenbrier SF
3 Granny Sue Greenbrier SF
3 Garry Boothe Pipestem Resort
3 Jim ‘n’ I North Bend
3 Mick Souter Tu-Endie-Wei
3 Bil Lepp Prickett’s Fort
4 Garry Boothe North Bend
4 Bil Lepp Greenbrier SF
4 Karen Vuranch Twin Falls
4 Mick Souter Beech Fork
5 Garry Boothe Tygart Lake
7 WV Geological Survey Blackwater Falls
8 WV Geological Survey Blackwater Falls
8 Three Rivers Avian Center Canaan Valley Resort
8 Garry Boothe Cacapon Resort
9 Mountain Echoes Blackwater Falls
9 Garry Boothe Lost River
10 Three Rivers Avian Center North Bend
10 Dianne Anestis Twin Falls
10 Garry Boothe Holly River
11 Lou Maiuri Watoga
11 Doug Wood Twin Falls
11 Garry Boothe Kumbrabow SF
11 Three Rivers Avian Center Blennerhassett
12 Karen Vuranch Tygart Lake
15 Mountain Echoes Canaan Valley Resort
15 Doug Wood Lost River
16 Doug Wood Cacapon Resort
16 Three Rivers Avian Center Blackwater Falls
17 Tom King Twin Falls
17 Dianne Anestis Holly River
18 Granny Sue Tygart Lake
18 Mick Souter Watoga
18 Lou Maiuri Beech Fork
21 Granny Sue Blackwater Falls
21 Three Rivers Avian Center Kumbrabow SF
22 Lou Maiuri Canaan Valley Resort
22 Tom King Lost River
23 Bil Lepp Kumbrabow SF
23 Tom King Cacapon Resort
24 Tom King Tygart Lake
24 Mick Souter North Bend
24 Bil Lepp Holly River
24 Dianne Anestis Blackwater Falls
25 Doug Wood Blackwater Falls
25 Garry Boothe Twin Falls
25 Mick Souter Blennerhassett
29 Lou Maiuri Cacapon Resort
30 Lou Maiuri Lost River
31 Jim ‘n’ I Beech Fork
1 Bil Lepp Beech Fork
2 Three Rivers Avian Center Tygart Lake


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