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Division of Natural Resources Annual Report

The annual report for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources covers a summary of the activities and projects unertaken by the Division in the fulfillment of its legal responsibilities of managing the recreational and renewable natural resources. The report includes a detailed accounting of receipts and expenditures as prescribed by Chapter 20, Code of West Virginia

2014 Annual Report

2013-2014 DNR Annual Report 3.38MB

2013 Annual Report

2012-2013 DNR Annual Report 2.79MB

Digital Edition

2012 Annual Report

2011-2012 DNR Annual Report 2.29 MB

Digital Edition

2010-2011 Annual Report

2010-2011 DNR Annual Report 2.74 MB

Digital Edition

2008-2009 DNR Annual Report

2009-2010 DNR Annual Report 2.42 MB

Digital Edition

2008-2009 Annual Report 2008-2009 DNR Annual Report 2.79 MB
2007 - 2008 Annual Report

2007-2008 DNR Annual Report 3.37 MB

2006-2007 DNR Annual Report 3.02 MB
2005-2006 Dnr Annual Report 3.29 MB 2004-2005 DNR Annual Report 2.26 MB
2003 - 2004 2003-2004 DNR Annual Report 1.2 MB 2003 Annual Report 2002-2003 DNR Annual Report 2.36 MB
2001-2002 DNR Annual Report 2.89MB 2000-2001 DNR Annual Report 2.23 MB
1999-2000 DNR Annual Report 1.75 MB    

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