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News Release : February 22, 2006


Hoy Murphy , Public Information Officer (304) 558-3381

Contact: Sgt. Thomas R. Stuckey, Law Enforcement Section (304) 267-0037


DNR Litter Enforcement Patrol in Berkeley County March 10-11

  The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources will conduct a litter enforcement patrol in Berkeley County Friday and Saturday, March 10 and 11, according to Sgt. Thomas R. Stuckey of the WVDNR Law Enforcement District 2 Office in Romney.


  “We will be looking for violations such as the burning of solid waste, the dumping of solid waste, the creation of open dumps, or allowing open dumps to exist on one's property,” Sgt. Stuckey explained.


  County residents are reminded that state law requires that residents subscribe to and use a solid waste collection service and have proof that their waste is being disposed of in a legal landfill.


  It is illegal to burn solid waste, dump solid waste, dump solid waste in or near a stream or body of water, dump solid waste into a roadside dump, create an open dump on private property, or to accumulate waste tires on private property.


  Solid waste/litter includes but is not limited to newspapers, cans, bottles, garbage, trash, discarded household furniture, appliances, tires, animal carcasses, cigarette and cigar butts, shingles, construction and demolition waste, and other waste materials.


  Criminal penalties for illegal disposal of solid waste and littering range from fines of up to $25,000 per day of violation and/or up to 32 hours of community service picking up litter or incarceration in a jail facility.


  For information about the Litter Enforcement Patrol, contact DNR Law Enforcement at (304) 822-3551.


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