The Natural Resources Commission is a commission created and established by Chapter 20 of the W. Va. Code. The Commission is composed of seven members, one from each Division of Natural Resources district and one from the state at-large. Each Commissioner is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to serve a term of four years and may not serve more than two consecutive terms. 

The Natural Resources Commission is to serve as an advisory body to the Director of the Division of Natural Resources on issues related to conservation of the state’s natural resources, including the protection of fish and game. The Commission’s primary method of meeting that statutory mandate is by fixing by regulation the open seasons and the bag, creel, size, age, weight, and sex limits for wildlife which may be legally taken in the state. 

Commission Members

Dave Milne
District 1
Term ends June 30, 2025

Jeffrey S. Bowers
District 2
Term ends June 30, 2023

Jerod A. Harman
District 3
Term ends June 30, 2025

Thomas O. Dotson
District 4
Term Ends June 30, 2024

Gregory K. Burnette
District 5
Term ends June 30, 2024

Janet Hamric Hodge
District 6
Term Ends June 30, 2023

Tennis F. Cook
At Large
Term Ends June 30, 2025

Upcoming Meetings & Agendas

Date: Sunday, October 29, 2023

Location: Stonewall Resort State Park

940 Resort Drive

Roanoke, WV 26447

Contact Information

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
Director’s Office
324th Avenue
South Charleston, WV 25303
Fax: 304-558-2768