The presence of wild animals on property is enjoyed and sometimes encouraged by many land and homeowners. When animals cause conflicts with humans in the form of economic, safety and nuisance issues, intervention is often needed and prescribed. Economic issues include any wild animal activities that result in unacceptable monetary loss or expense. Safety issues include such things as direct attacks, disease transmission and collisions. Nuisance issues include unpleasant odors, digging, deposition of droppings and other problems.

Introduction to Wildlife Damage Control

What is wildlife damage?

Wildlife damage control includes accurately identifying, properly diagnosing and prescribing activities to alleviate wildlife damage being experienced by landowners and homeowners.

How do I get relief from wildlife damage?

There are two ways for landowners and homeowners to deal with wildlife damage:

  1. If necessary, consult with a West Virginia Division of Natural Resources biologist or Natural Resources Police Officer to determine legal options, refer to online sources or printed materials that focus on wildlife damage control, and take care of the problem yourself
  2. Hire a professional, licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agent to manage the problem. Please be aware that these agents charge for their services.

How do I become a licensed WDCA?

Instructions on how to become a licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agent can be found in the section How to Become a Licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agent. Rigorous training, testing, appropriate fees, and a West Virginia business license are all required.

Help for Wildlife Damage and Nuisance Wildlife

If you’re considering dealing with nuisance wildlife yourself, go to the following websites for helpful information visit or Both sites include tips to prevent wildlife damage and remove nuisance wildlife. You may also contact any WVDNR district office for professional advice.

Additional resources can be accessed at and

Always make sure you have a Wildlife Damage Permit, which you can get from the WVDNR district office near you. This is particularly important if you plan to trap or kill the nuisance animal. Also, if you’re removing nuisance wildlife from a building, you must release it on the same property. Moving animals to another location is illegal. Relocating animals greatly increases the probability of introducing disease to new areas.

Current Wildlife Damage Control Agents

The following individuals and businesses are licensed to practice wildlife damage control and handle nuisance wildlife in West Virginia.

Current licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agents in West Virginia

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