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News Release : October 31, 2007

Hoy Murphy, Public Information Officer (304) 558-3381
Jerry Westfall, Wildlife Resources Section (304) 558-2771

Share the Harvest Sunday Benefits Hunters Helping the Hungry Program

The Division of Natural Resources (DNR) invites churches around West Virginia to participate this weekend in the Share the Harvest Sunday, according to Jerry Westfall, DNR Coordinator for the Hunters Helping the Hungry (HHH) Program.

Since 1999, the West Virginia Council of Churches and the DNR have sponsored the Share the Harvest Sunday to raise funds for the HHH Program. This year, on Sunday, November 4, approximately 3,000 churches will be asking members of their congregation to contribute $1 to the HHH Program.

“WVDNR’s HHH Program, which began in 1992, has allowed hunters to donate venison to needy West Virginians by dropping-off excess, harvested deer at participating meat processors,” said Westfall. “Although DNR receives donated venison from generous hunters, there are still processing and distribution costs associated with providing the needy venison. Share the Harvest Sunday allows church members to donate to HHH to offset these costs, ensuring needy West Virginians receive these highly nutritious meals. Share the Harvest Sunday makes an extremely valuable contribution to the HHH Program. Simply, the HHH Program could not operate without Share the Harvest Sunday!”

Some churches participating in Share the Harvest Sunday may opt to collect money on a Sunday other than November 4. For instance, a few churches decide to take up donations the Sunday preceding Thanksgiving, and the start of West Virginia’s buck season, as this is the time many students and former West Virginians return to their home state. Church members or other individuals wanting to make donations to HHH Program outside of the Share the Harvest Sunday can also do this at any time. The choice of when to participate in Share the Harvest Sunday is up to the church (and the individual), but the result is the same – West Virginia church members making a real contribution to the HHH Program and to feeding needy West Virginians!

For more information about the HHH Program, click the HHH link on the Web site, or contact Jerry Westfall at (304) 558-2771; .


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