Stonewall Jackson Reservoir
Competitive Fishing Events


Competitive fishing events are defined as any organized event in which anglers are engaged in a fishing activity for a prize (money, club status, or other commodity) based on the weight, length, or number of any game or non-game fish species caught; or which incorporates a central weigh-in procedure (catch-hold-and release).

No competitive fishing events are allowed during the months of June (last two weeks), July, and August; during the 3-day Memorial Day or Labor Day holidays; or during the 2-day National Hunting and Fishing Days Celebration.

During the months of January, February, November, and December there are no restrictions on competitive fishing events, but these events must be registered and permitted following the current state-wide procedures.


  • Competitive fishing events with 10 or fewer boats are required to register via an on-line system at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • On-line registration will be open on January 6, 2015. Permits will be issued on a first to register basis.
  • During the months of April, May, September, and October competitive fishing events with 10 or fewer boats are allowed as follows:
    • One competitive fishing event (10 or fewer boats) is allowed per access site per day during the weekdays (Monday - Friday).
    • Two competitive fishing events (10 or fewer boats) or the entire reservoir per day are allowed for the entire reservoir each day during the weekends (Saturday - Sunday).
    • A permit will be issued on-line. Organizers must have the permit in-hand during the event days.
    • Events cannot conflict with lottery or special permitted dat

In addition to the required tournament permit, a Stonewall Jackson Resort event reservation is required if you wish to hold a tournament at the Resort boat ramp located adjacent to the marina. Below are contact information and resort requirements.

Special Event Information

Stonewall Jackson Resort Park
Event Reservation Information

Please contact Zondra Plum of Stonewall Resort at 304-269-8825 for information regarding the use of the Resort Marina boat ramp.

  • The launch fee will apply to each participant in a tournament.
  • Organizers of the event must notify the Resort if they need areas for registration and for weigh-ins or activities. These areas will be available by a rental contract. No tents or other structures may be setup on the state park grounds without advance notification.
  • If a place is needed for meals such as the picnic shelter, it can be reserved in advance for the regular rental fee.
  • The resort maintains the right of first refusal for all food and beverage related events and prohibits the use of any outside food vendors unless permission is provided in writing to the event organizers.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden by state law unless provided by and regulated by Stonewall Resort, a licensed entity.
  • Stonewall Resort limits tournament boat launches to the Stonewall marina boat launch only. The cottage boat launch is restricted to cottage guests only.

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