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Amphibian Cooperative Science Projects For Students

studentWhat:   Help amphibians in West Virginia by getting your students involved in research. There are two projects from which to choose: One on common terrestrial and creek salamanders and the other on frogs and toads. Your chosen study will take at least a half-day in the field to collect the data and another half-day in the classroom to analyze the data and discuss the results. Teachers are then required to return and release all amphibians at their original collection site. The findings are sent to Dr. Tom Pauley, West Virginia's leading herpetologist and coauthor of Amphibians and Reptiles in West Virginia

Why:    To find out distribution status of West Virginia salamanders, frogs or toads, and to provide an outstanding, fun and exciting project for students.

When:  Projects are to be conducted in the spring months (March, April and May).

Who:    The project is designed for students from grades 1-12.

How:    Teachers will be provided with a lesson plan that includes background information, step-by-step procedures, questions for students, a checklist of amphibians, a key to identify the animals, and a field worksheet. Equipment will include a thermometer, pH paper, sling psychrometer and compass for the salamander study; and a dip net, pH paper and thermometer for the study on frogs and toads.

Application Procedure
Contact the WDP to request an application form. Submit your application which includes the number of students involved, why you would like to be involved in the study, teacher qualifications, and a signature from the principal acknowledging support for the project. Deadline for applications is February 1.

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