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Staffing Office

The Staffing branch acts as liaison between sections of the division and the West Virginia Division of Personnel in order to secure qualified applicants and to ensure fair and equitable treatment for employees. This office also maintains personnel files and leave records for all full-time employees of the Division of Natural Resources.

Administrative Services Manager Andrea Fout Tinsley
Administrative Services Assistant Martin Brack
Office Assistant Dena Butler
Martin Brack


For... Contact
Inquiries regarding agency, policies, procedures and guidelines, conflict resolution and personnel related matters, Personnel Transaction inquiry, and EEO counselor regarding complaints and investigations. Andrea Fout Tinsley
Personnel related matters, Personnel Transaction inquiry, annual expenditure schedule changes and personnel cards, recruiting and hiring information, and DOP donated leave program Martin Brack
Letters of interest to register contacts and other form letters, welcome packets and material for new employees, and recruiting and hiring information. Martin Brack
Inquiries regarding leave and the leave program, vacancy announcements and register requests, and recruiting and hiring information. Dena Butler
Employee Relations Manager who processes all settlement agreements, grievances, leaves of absences, leave returns, employee complaints, EEO complaints, and policy change requests. Assists employees with FMLA and medical leave documents. Assists Payroll Manager for employees that utilize sick leave. Wanda White
Worker's Compensation and Unemployment Specialist. Alia Tanner
Policy and Performance Specialist who assures all employees comply with required training, assists in policy changes, and is currently the District Office Coordinator for Headquarters. T C Cooper


DNR is a covered agency under the WV Division of Personnel and is governed by the Administrative Rule. To be considered for employment with DNR, applicants must currently be employed in a "covered" position and meet the minimum requirements for the advertised position, or tested through the DOP and be reachable (ranked within the top 10 or 90th percentile) on the DOP competitive register, or be eligible for reinstatement into a DOP covered position.


Title Location Due Date
Office Assistant 2 Land & Streams, South Charleston, Kanawha County 12/26/2018
Housekeeper Watoga State Park 12/26/2018
Maintenance Worker Little Beaver State Park 12/26/2018
Electrician Cacapon State Park 12/26/2018
Park Aide Twin Falls State Park 12/26/2018
Accounting Tech. 3 Accounts Payable, South Charleston Office, Kanawha County 12/26/2018
Building Maintenance Mechanic North Bend State Park 12/26/2018
Administrative Secretary Law Enforcement, Kanawha County 1/1/2019
Supervisor 1 Twin Falls State Park 1/1/2019


To view the duties for the listed job openings, please go to the DOP's job posting web site

Application for Temporary Employment ( PDF 940kb )

To apply for DNR Positions:

Send completed DOP application with original signature to:

Division of Natural Resources
Staffing Office
324 Fourth Ave
South Charleston, WV 25303

Note: All applications must be postmarked by the closing date on the posting.

To be eligible for employment, you must be a current or former state employee, who was hired from a competitive register, and successfully completed the probationary employment period. All others please refer to the testing process with the Division of Personnel.

To get information on the DOP testing procedure,

All DOP forms (position description, grievance, leave donation, etc.), policies and procedures,grievance guidelines, administrative rule, OHRD training schedule, etc. are available through the WV Division of Personnel home page at:

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
324 Fourth Ave
South Charleston, WV 25303

Phone: (304) 558-4025
Fax: (304) 558-6615

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