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General Outfitter & Guide License

Prior to applying for an Outfitter & Guide license please read all applicable rule and code, such as Title 58, Series 11, 20-2-23, 20-7-12b and 20-7-16.

If you choose to apply for an Outfitter & Guide license, please submit the following: Outfitter & Guide License application, surety bond form, verification of liability insurance, WV DNR insurance and bond information form (your insurance company can help you with insurance and bonding), a copy of your First Aid Certification card, and the license fee payment of $10.00 in the form of a check or money order made payable to DNR Law Enforcement.

As of May 11, 2015 there were changes to West Virginia Legislative Rule, Title 58, Series 12. The changes to the rule will now require any Outfitter & Guide that conducts business in whitewater zones to report users, trips and pay whitewater user fees for those customers or users in designated zones.  The fee schedule for users in whitewater zones is $0.70 per user on the Gauley River and $0.35 per user for other rivers.  Again, these fees are only associated with whitewater zones.  The designated whitewater zones can be found in the legislative rule 58CSR12, subsections 3.1 and 9.12.  If you intend to conduct business on rivers with whitewater zones you must contact the WV DNR Law Enforcement Section at (304) 558-2784 to acquire login credentials to report whitewater user numbers, trip reports and learn how to make payment for those users.

If you intend to use national forest lands, you will need to contact the forest service and obtain a permit. Please include a copy of the permit with your completed application packet.

If you intend to use motorized boats to guide trips, any boat guide(s) born after December 31, 1986 must obtain a Boater Education Certificate, available through each DNR district office. This does not apply if you have a Federal Commercial Boater Operator's License.

In accordance with Chapter 20-7-16, if a livery plans on renting motorboats, the owner or operator of a boat livery or his/her agent shall provide a boating safety orientation for all persons that rent any vessel, including personal watercraft, unless that renter holds a certificate as required by 20-7-12b. To conduct the orientation, the owner or operator of the boat livery or his/her agent must be certified annually through the DNR district office. It is the responsibility of the livery to contact DNR for the training.

WV DNR District Office Telephone Numbers

District 1 304-825-6787 Farmington, WV
District 2 304-822-3551 Romney, WV
District 3 304-924-6211 French Creek, WV
District 4 304-256-6945 Beckley, WV
District 5 304-756-1023 Alum Creek, WV
District 6 304-420-4550 Parkersburg, WV

Checklist before sending application (blue indicates a link to that form):

Initial Outfitter & Guide License Application

Renewal Outfitter & Guide License Application

$10.00 Outfitter & Guide License Fee

Surety Bond Form

Verification of Liability Insurance

WV DNR Insurance & Bond Information Form

First Aid Certification Card

National Forest Permit (if applicable)

Boater Education Certificate (if applicable)

Certification to conduct Boating Safety Orientation (if applicable)

Once the DNR Law Enforcement Section receives all necessary paperwork and your bond is approved by the Attorney General's Office a Natural Resource Police Officer shall inspect the equipment at your location. If your business passes inspection you should expect to receive your license certification in approximately 7 business days. If you have questions not addressed here, please feel free to call our Law Enforcement Section at 304-558-2784.

Mail your completed application to:  WV DNR Law Enforcement Section - Room 125, 324 4th Avenue, South Charleston, WV  25303

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