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WV Archery in the Schools

Results are in!
14th Annual State Tournament was held March 30, 2019


Chris Cline Athletic Complex – Marshall University


2263 3rd Ave, Huntington, WV 25703


Saturday March 30, 2019




$8.00 per student


Tickets for parents/families may be purchased at the Chris Cline Athletic Complex on Saturday.   
18+ adults ($5)
kids 6-17 ($3)
5 and under Free




The Chris Cline Athletic Complex offers free parking in all lots surrounding the venue. Busses will be directed to a designated lot upon arrival.




Participants and spectators will be directed to the appropriate entrance at the Chris Cline Athletic Complex.

Bow racks will be provided for all shooters on the line. All bows must be placed on bow racks for official inspection before each flight begins. Once inspected, the bow must remain on the range unless a repair is needed and approved by a lane official.

After each round of five arrows is shot, bows must be immediately returned to the bow racks for storing until the next round begins. Once bows are racked, students must return to the waiting area until they are alerted to “Get Bows” from the racks for the next round.

All participating State Tournament teams will be given two coaching credentials in their welcome packets. These credentials must be worn around the neck of any coach in “Coaches Alley”. Those without credentials are not permitted in the coaching area. A tournament employee will be checking credentials at the area entrance.

Schools that qualify in the State Qualifying Tournament will be eligible to compete in the state competition.

  • Schools qualifying as a Team- must send a minimum of 12 shooters of which 4 must be of the opposite gender.
  • Team may have no more than 24 shooters.

Shooting Divisions for Teams and Individuals are:

  • Elementary, 4th-5th grade
  • Middle, 6th-8th grade
  • High School, 9th-12th grade


  • All competitors in all divisions (Elementary, Middle and High School) will be responsible for scoring each other.
    (Click here to review 2017 NASP video). Range officials will be available to assist with scoring as needed.


  • Top 7 teams in each division (based on results of 2019 WV Archery in the Schools State Qualifying Tournament) qualify to participate in the 2018 WV State Archery in the Schools Tournament.
  • Top 15 male/female per division (based on results of 2019 WV Archery in the Schools State Qualifying Tournament) that are not already on a team will qualify to participate in the 2019 WV State Archery in the Schools Tournament.

National Tournament

  • First place teams in each division are automatically qualified to attend the National Tournament on May 9-11, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Additional teams may attend with qualifying team scores.
  • Individual's 1st-10th place male and female in each division will also qualify to attend the National Tournament.

Tournament Guidelines and Rules

2019 State Tournament Qualifiers

2019 Results

2019 National NASP Qualifiers

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AIS Coordinator
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