The start of West Virginia’s 2023 deer archery season is Sept. 30, which means time is running out to purchase your hunting license and RB/RRB stamps if you want to harvest additional deer. Hunting licenses and stamps can be purchased at If you want to learn more about RB/RRB stamps, read on for some answers to frequently asked questions. Ready to buy your stamps? Get them today while there’s still time!

  • What Are RB/RRB Stamps?
    Resident and nonresident hunters can purchase a maximum of two RB/RRB stamps to take up to two additional deer during the archery and crossbow season. Only one deer can be taken with each stamp. Hunters who don’t purchase RB/RRB stamps can only harvest one deer on their base license during the archery and crossbow season.
  • How Much Do RB/RRB Stamps Cost?
    Each RB stamp for resident hunters cost $21 and each RRB stamp for nonresident hunters cost $37.
  • Where Can I Buy RB/RRB Stamps?
    Resident and nonresident hunters can buy RB/RRB stamps online at anytime before the archery season opens on Saturday, Sept. 30. Hunters cannot purchase RB/RRB stamps after the deer archery season starts.
  • Can I Hunt Antlered Deer With My RB/RRB Stamps?
    Yes, but if you take two deer with RB/RRB stamps, one must be an antlerless deer taken in a county open to Class N antlerless hunting.
  • Can I Use My RB/RRB Stamps to Hunt in any County?
    There are 10 counties or parts thereof (see pages 15-20 of the 2023-2024 West Virginia Hunting Regulations) that require hunters to take an antlerless deer within the county, which may be taken during any regular deer season open to antlerless deer hunting, before killing a second antlered deer within the county. This regulation applies across all the combined regular deer seasons and the Mountaineer Heritage Season. There also are four counties (Logan, McDowell, Mingo and Wyoming) that have an archery season limit of two deer, one of which must be antlerless. In these counties, only one RB/RRB stamp is valid, except if the first archery deer was taken in a county open to firearms deer hunting, then two deer (one must be antlerless) may be taken on Class RB or RRB stamps.
  • Can I Use my RB/RRB Stamps During Another Season?
    No. Class RB/RRB stamps cannot be used to take deer during the firearm seasons. For more information about the archery and crossbow season for deer, check pages 26-27 in your copy of the 2023-2024 West Virginia Hunting Regulations.

Get ready for fall hunting adventures. Buy your license and stamps today.

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