If you’ve spent the last few weeks anxiously waiting for the fall hunting seasons to start, your patience is about to be rewarded because West Virginia’s archery/crossbow seasons for deer, bear and wild boar open on Saturday, Sept. 25. 

If this is your first year hunting or if you need a little help getting ready, there’s still time to gather up your gear, set up your tree stand and plan your hunting adventure. Check out our pre-season checklist below to make sure you’re ready on opening day.

1. Purchase your license and stamps

If you want to hunt during the archery/crossbow seasons, you need a valid 2021 West Virginia hunting license. Many hunters opt to purchase a lifetime license or renew their license at the start of the year. If you still need to get your license, get one today at WVhunt.com. And don’t forget to purchase your RB/RRB stamps before the start of the season if you want to take additional deer. Bear hunters will need to purchase a DS stamp.

2. Review hunting regulations

Make sure you’re familiar with West Virginia’s hunting regulations for the archery/crossbow seasons, including bag limits and special rules for harvesting antlered and antlerless deer. If you don’t have a copy, click here to download one.

3. Inspect your equipment

The best hunt is a safe hunt and you need to check your gear regularly to make sure everything is in proper working order. Look over your tree stand, safety harness and any other piece of gear you use during the season. And make sure your weapon is in proper working order and safe to fire by taking your bow out for a practice session.

4. Plan a hunting trip

Whether you hunt on your own property or on public land, you’ll want to plan a trip and scout the location. If you plan to hunt on public land, use our online map to find a location near you. The map is a powerful tool that provides details about the landscape, amenities and nearby hunting opportunities.

Get ready for fall hunting adventures. Buy your license today!

The archery/crossbow seasons are only the start of West Virginia’s incredible big game hunting opportunities. The fall turkey season opens Oct. 9, the split seasons for antlerless deer open Oct. 21 and the buck firearms season opens Nov. 22. Buy your license and stamps and start planning your hunting adventures today.