Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or angler or a first-time explorer venturing into the world of hunting and fishing, your journey begins with a license. That might not sound exciting, but a license is your ticket to outdoor adventures in West Virginia.

To help you speed through the checkout process, this blog is designed to help you understand everything you need to know about purchasing a 2024 license. If you’re ready to buy your license right now, feel free to skip reading the rest of this blog and click the button below to go straight to our electronic licensing system. Otherwise, let’s get started!

How to Buy a West Virginia Hunting and Fishing License Online

If you already have an account in our online Licensing and Game Check System, just log in to your account, to get started. Never purchased a West Virginia hunting and fishing license before? Click Enroll Today and follow the on-screen prompts.

Once logged in, click Purchase a License, Tag, or Permit, add your desired licenses and stamps to the cart and complete any necessary surveys and accept any terms, click Pay Now and enter payment details on the secure payment screen. That’s all there is to it.

If you have any questions or run into any trouble purchasing your license or stamp, call the WVDNR License Unit at 304-558-6200.

What’s New? Exciting Offerings Unveiled

Being able to purchase your 2024 license early is a major benefit on its own, but we have an array of new license products designed to enhance your outdoor journey even further. Here’s what’s new and exciting for 2024:

  • Durable License Cards: gives you a collectible hard card to carry with you on your hunting and fishing adventures.
  • Digital Gift Certificates: can be used to purchase licenses, stamps and other hunting and fishing privileges.
  • Online Lifetime Licenses: provides a lifetime of hunting and fishing opportunities.

Whether you’re renewing your annual license and stamps or purchasing a lifetime license for your kids or grandkids, we want to make sure there’s something for every outdoor enthusiast. All these exclusive offerings are now available for purchase.

Upgraded Your License with a Physical License Card

If you purchase an annual license, you have a chance to upgrade your experience with one of our new physical license cards. Crafted specifically for hunters and anglers who prefer a tangible representation of their licenses, these cards are as practical as they are collectible.

Available as an optional upgrade for only $8, these new physical license cards come in three artful designs: Deer, Quail and Trout. You also have the benefit of displaying on your license card up to seven active annual licenses, including hunter education numbers.

When you purchase a license card, not only do you get to express your hunting and fishing preferences, you also help fund vital conservation awareness programs that support West Virginia’s fish and wildlife species.

Enhanced Flexibility with Digital Gift Certificates

This year marks the debut of digital gift certificates, adding a new dimension of convenience for hunters and anglers who enjoy purchasing licenses for friends and family. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Valid for 5 years from the date of purchase
  • Can be used to purchase various license and stamp combinations
  • Must be redeemed within the WVDNR’s Electronic License System
  • Instant delivery to your email inbox or the recipient’s email

Looking to simplify your license and stamp-buying process? Consider one of these bundles:

  • Resident One Year Sportsman and Trout Stamp
  • Resident Three Year Sportsman and Trout Stamp
  • Non-Resident Four Day Fishing and Trout Stamp
  • Non-Resident One Year Fishing and Trout Stamp

How to Purchase and Use a WVDNR Gift Certificate

To buy a WVDNR gift certificate, just log in to your ELS account, click the Purchase a License, Tag, or Permit button, select Gift Certificate in the category dropdown menu and add the gift certificate of your choice to your cart. From there, you can customize the gift certificate by adding additional funds, selecting a design, choosing an email delivery method and including a personalized message.

If that sounds easy, redeeming a WVDNR gift certificate is a breeze. Just log in to your ELS account, click Gift Certificates in the Your Account section. From there, click Redeem Gift Certificate, enter your certificate redemption code and you’re all set.

Applying a gift certificate balance to a purchase is just as easy. Just add desired license and stamp products to your cart, complete any required surveys and apply your gift certificate balance by clicking Apply Gift Certificate. That’s it.

A Lifetime of Hunting and Fishing Adventures Only a Click Away

Buying a lifetime license before today required printing an application, filling it out and then mailing it into a WVDNR office. Not anymore! Now, you can buy a lifetime hunting and fishing online like any annual license.

Our shift to online accessibility makes it easier for you to invest in a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment, for yourself and for your kids or grandkids. No more printing, no more waiting — a lifetime of hunting and fishing adventures is only a click away.

Buy Your 2024 West Virginia Hunting and Fishing License Today

Ready to embark on an incredible year of outdoor adventures? Buy your 2024 hunting, trapping and fishing license and stamps today and celebrate the joys of exploring West Virginia’s breathtaking landscapes while contributing to the preservation of its wildlife.