If you love fishing and have an internet connection, you have everything you need to introduce your kids to your favorite hobby. And you don’t even have to leave your house to get started.

Here’s three ways you can introduce them to fishing without even having to leave your house. And if your kids already enjoy fishing with you, you can still use these tips to help them learn more about fish and practice their casting skills.

1. Teach them about fish species and habitat

Kids are naturally curious, so giving them a brief science lesson on fish species and different habitats is a easy way to introduce them to the world of fishing.

How do fish breath under water? How do you catch a fish? What’s the difference between a rainbow and golden rainbow trout? Why go fishing when you can buy fish at the grocery store?

Expect all kinds of questions. Make the most of this learning opportunity by sharing stories about your own fishing experiences and giving facts about fish but do your best not to be overly technical. Instead, show your enthusiasm for the subject. If they see that you’re excited, they’ll hopefully take an interest too.

2. Watch video tutorials and lessons

Once your kids start taking an interest in fishing, you can start watching video tutorials and lessons. There are plenty of good resources available online, so you should have plenty of content to go through.

One thing to keep in mind: Watch videos geared toward instructing children. You might be fascinated by a 30-minute video of an angler fly fishing on the toughest of waters, but your kid will probably lose interest after the first 2 minutes. Short, informational and entertaining videos work best.

3. Practice casting in your backyard

By now, your kids should be begging you to go fishing. Now’s the time to show them how to properly cast a line. The good thing is that you don’t have to travel to a lake or stream to teach kid how to cast and use some of the equipment in their tackle box. Just find an open area in your yard and start casting using a bell or sinker in place of a bait and hook. You’ll need to make this exercise worth the effort though, so set up a kiddie pool or target they can aim their cast at and reward them for successfully hitting it.

If you don’t already have a child’s fishing rod, order one online from your favorite outdoors supplier. Keep it simple and let your kids pick out a rod and tackle box. This is a good way for them to express their personalty and take ownership of their fishing gear.

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