The Budget Office prepares the division’s appropriation requests, expenditure schedules and amendments and monitors all budgeting processes for compliance with generally accepted accounting and auditing practices. The office manages the division’s budgeting system consisting of the state budget and federal cost accounting, reporting and automated clearinghouse payment systems. It establishes and ensures adherence to budgetary policies and standards and serves as a liaison for negotiation and preparation of the division’s indirect cost allocation plan. The office prepares, coordinates and processes legislative fiscal notes that affect rules and regulations relating to the division.

Administrative Services Manager IIIEmily Fleck
Administrative Services Manager IIKeith Wilson
Financial Reporting Specialist IAmanda Morris
Budget Analyst IVacant


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Fiscal budget questions, legislative fiscal notes, federal cost accounting for federal grants, and cost allocation proposals. Law Enforcement accounting and budgeting.Keith Wilson
Revisions and monitoring of the fiscal budget, federal cost allocation plan, records of federal funds, and accounting and auditing schedules and analysis.Amanda Morris
Appropriations request, expenditure schedule, and fiscal note instructions and distribution.Keith Wilson/
Amanda Morris