The Human Resources office oversees and provides direction to the Employee Relations, Workforce Development, and Employment Services sub-units.

Human Resources Administrator
Andrea Fout Tinsley
Inquiries regarding agency, policies, procedures and guidelines, conflict resolution and personnel related matters, Personnel Transaction inquiry, and EEO counselor regarding complaints and investigations.Andrea Fout Tinsley

Employment Services

The Employment Services office electronically processes and approves data concerning payroll and administers employee benefit programs and other related items for the Division of Natural Resources through the statewide WVOASIS system.  The benefit programs include unemployment, workers’ compensation, retirement, and insurance.  Other responsibilities include WVOASIS transactions for payroll, fund transfers pertaining to payroll, retirement, insurance programs, and maintaining personnel, activity and payroll related information on all parks seasonal and temporary hourly employees.

Employment Services Manager
Mary McCauley
Employment Services SpecialistVacant
Employment Services SpecialistKim Moles
Hourly Payroll CoordinatorVacant
Questions related to DNR Salary employees’ payroll; Requests, inquires, and counseling for Payroll and Employee Benefits related support services, office policy and procedures, KRONOS, WVOASIS HRM system; Donated leave payments, law contract work, back wage and leave buy-back payments, Monthly Employment Security Labor Statistics reportMary McCauley
Questions related to the auditing and processing of supplemental insurance, union dues and combined campaign deductions; quarterly and annual West Virginia and out of state taxes; Direct deposits; paycheck processing and annual W-2 mailings and distributionVacant
Questions, counseling, enrollment and reports concerning health insurance benefits with the State including life insurance and flexible benefits for all full-time and part-time/seasonal employeesKim Moles
All questions related to DNR hourly employee payroll; park hourly new hires and terminations; quarterly accumulated hours report; issues regarding the hourly employment packetVacant

Employee Relations

The Employment Relations office is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive relationship between employees and management often serving as a liaison between parties. Other duties include Workers’ Compensation claims, coordination of all policy and procedure development and implementation, employee performance management, employee performance appraisal compliance monitoring, performance improvement and attendance improvement plans and conflict resolutions.

Employment Relations Manager
Wanda White
Workers’ Compensation SpecialistAlia Tanner
Policy & Performance SpecialistVacant
Employee Relations SpecialistDena Butler
Settlement agreements, leaves of absences including FMLA and medical leave documents; leave returns; employee complaints; and policy change requests. Assists employees with FMLA and medical leave documents.Wanda White
Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment claimsAlia Tanner
Questions regarding internal policy changes; employee compliance or mandatory employment trainingsVacant
Inquiries regarding leave and the leave program; vacancy announcement; public service announcements; and register requestsDena Butler

Workforce Development

Workforce Development office provides statewide oversight and direction in recruitment, retention, training, onboarding and orientation of the agency. WFD oversees numerous functions that monitor and improve efficiencies and effectiveness to ensure that the organization has the highest quality workforce.

Workforce Development Manager
Jessica Taylor
HR AdministrativeMartin Brack
Questions regarding recruitment efforts or training opportunities; Educational Reimbursements; Onboarding or orientation HR templates; Lunch and Learn Program; agency turnover and retention and succession planningJessica Taylor
Personnel related matters; Personnel Transaction inquiry; annual expenditure schedule changes and personnel cards; salary verifications; recruiting and hiring information, and DOP donated leave programMartin Brack