If you are returning to hunting this year after a break, or are a first-time hunter, you may not know about the Division of Natural Resources’ new electronic game check system that went into effect in 2015. That’s right, when you harvest a big game animal during one of the state’s hunting seasons, you now have three ways to check it in:

  • Go to wvhunt.com on your computer or smart phone and fill out the online form.
  • Call 1-844-WVCheck (1-844-982-4325) and check it in via phone.
  • Visit one of the 170 hunting and fishing license agents and check it in person.

All are easy, but all require you to have your unique DNR ID# before you go out hunting. The DNR ID# is good for a lifetime. Here’s how to get yours:

  • If you purchase an annual license, the number will be printed on the upper left corner.
  • If you are a lifetime license holder, your number has already been assigned. You can access it by visiting wvhunt.com or by asking a license agent.
  • If you are not required to buy a license (for example, you are a West Virginia resident hunting on your own property or if you are a youth hunter), you can get your number at wvhunt.com or by asking a license agent.

When you check in your harvest using your DNR ID#, you will be given a 13-digit game check confirmation number that you must write on a sheet of paper or on a printed game tag, along with your name and address, and attach it to the animal. The tag must remain attached until the animal is dressed for consumption. It also will let a Natural Resources Police Officer know that the animal has been officially checked, should you be asked.

Hunters still have to follow the time and transportation restrictions as listed in the West Virginia Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary for 2016-2017.

This new system is not only convenient for hunters, but it also makes important information available more quickly to DNR staff, who use it to make better wildlife management decisions and better enforce the state’s hunting laws.

If you have questions, DNR staff are ready to assist. Just call (304) 558-2758 and ask for help.

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