We updated our electronic licensing and game check system in 2021 to make it easier for hunters and anglers to purchase their license and stamps online. The updated system is also more secure, works great on all your devices and features an improved checkout experience.

If you haven’t used the updated electronic licensing system yet, you need create a new username and password before you can login. For security and privacy reasons, credentials used to access the old system do not work. Visit WVhunt.com and get started today.

How to use WVDNR’s updated electronic licensing system

If you already have a DNR ID, click the “Look up your Account” button, enter you social security number, date of birth and last name and follow the prompts to verify and update your information and change your username and password.

If you’ve never purchased a West Virginia hunting and fishing license, you can simply click the “Enroll Today” button.

For an overview of changes and how to use the updated system, watch the videos below. 

Updated license system at a glance

In addition to buying your license and checking game, you can use the updated system to:

  • Submit lottery hunt applications
  • Look up information about hunting and fishing regulations
  • Find important information about outdoor recreation in West Virginia
  • Print licenses and field tags
  • Manage your DNR profile