The following waters were stocked:

The 2022 stocking season is underway. Stocking schedules can be found on pages 14 and 15 of the 2022 Fishing Regulations Summary. Daily stocking schedules are not released from any WVDNR office or hatchery prior to stocking events. Stockings are posted by the end of each business day on this page and on the hotline number at (304) 558-3399. Missed stockings due to inclement weather are made up by either additional stocking runs or additional fish added to upcoming stocking events.

Williams River Road Update: The gates are still closed on the Williams River road from the gate downstream of Tea Creek Campground to the gate near Laurel Run. Anglers can still walk in for fishing. The area behind the closed gates has been stocked weekly throughout the Spring by WVDNR, but the USFS has started construction and the road is now impassable for WVDNR stocking trucks. Therefore, stocking will be limited and will only occur where stocking truck access is still available. The gated section is expected to have limited stocking access for at least the next 4 weeks. The WVDNR will inform anglers when trout stocking resumes in this area.

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