News Release: July 9, 2020

NEW CUMBERLAND, W.VA. — The shooting range at Hillcrest Wildlife Management Area in Hancock County has been reopened to the public, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources announced today.

To address past safety concerns, backstops have been improved and upgrades have been made to the shooting bench pavilion to restrict the discharge of firearms to only a downrange direction toward the backstops.

“These modifications will make sure everyone who comes out can enjoy a safe experience at the range,” said Steve Rauch, District I wildlife biologist. “We also have a trained and certified range officer and the range will only be open when they are on duty.”

When the officer is on duty, they will make sure individuals using the range safely operate firearms and adhere to established and posted rules. Shooters who break rules may be asked to leave the range and could be cited for rules violations.

The range will be open to the public from noon to sunset Wednesdays through Sundays. If a range officer is not available, the range will be closed and the public will be notified by posting at the range and on the DNR’s social media channels. For more information about the shooting range, contact DNR’s district office in Farmington at 304-825-6787.