As fall arrives, the days get shorter, temperatures start to drop, leaves start to turn and white-tailed deer become a lot more active. That’s why we want to remind you to stay alert and drive with extra caution.

November is the peak breeding season for white-tailed deer, which means there’s an increased chance time of year that you will encounter a deer on or near the road. The increased movement of deer and other wildlife can be especially hazardous to motorists during the evening and early morning hours. In addition, the state’s mountainous roadways include sharp turns, hills, valleys and narrow roads, which can limit the time drivers have to see and react to wildlife.

Here are a few tips for driving during the fall months: 

  • Drive slower, not only at night but during evenings and early mornings.
  • When driving at night, use high beams whenever possible.
  • Always be cautiously watching for hazards, not only in the roadway but on the roadsides as well.
  • When deer or any wildlife are seen crossing the roadway, always be on the lookout for more animals following behind.
  • Take extra caution when traveling during peak breeding seasons in the fall.
  • When encountering deer or any wildlife on the roadway, never swerve to miss the animal, which can result in a worse accident. Instead, apply your brakes and stay on the roadway. 
  • Never drive impaired nor when drowsy.