The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, in coordination with the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles, recently released two new wildlife-themed license plates – a native brook trout rising out of the water to catch a mayfly and an eastern bluebird sitting on a post with mountains in the background.


Proceeds from license plates support the Wildlife Diversity Program.

These plates are the fourth and fifth plates of a series. Like the three previous plates, a rose-breasted grosbeak, a white-tailed deer and a black bear with her cub, they feature the artwork of the late DNR Wildlife Biologist Tom Allen. Also like the earlier plates, they will support DNR’s Wildlife Diversity Program, which manages the majority of wildlife species that are not hunted, trapped or fished by humans.

The wildlife plates cost a little more, but $15 from each sale goes to DNR for work with endangered species, stream management, research and monitoring projects. The money also helps with education and outreach programs, including wildlife projects and grants for schools, the publication of books and brochures, the development of wildlife viewing areas, the identification of rare plant communities and support for the Master Naturalist Program.

Since the beginning of the license plate program, DNR has collected nearly $5.2 million from sales. The program generates more than $300,000 annually and is a major source of funding for the Wildlife Diversity Program.

If you are a current wildlife plate supporter and wish to trade for one of the new plate designs, you may do so at any DMV office or by mail at the time of your next renewal. You can also exchange your plate at any time before renewal for a pro-rated registration fee.  Additional information about the new wildlife plates is available by calling the DMV at 1-800-642-9066 or by visiting the DMV website at and clicking the “special plates” link.

In West Virginia, wildlife is for everyone, and DNR appreciates the voluntary funding for these non-game programs that are not supported by the sale of hunting, trapping and fishing licenses.  We hope you will continue to enjoy these plates.

Show Your State Pride with a Wildlife-themed License Plate!