Looking for a family friendly activity or want to unleash your family’s inner sense of wonder without traveling far from home? Try this simple five-step activity to get your kids outside and teach them how animals carry seeds and contribute to West Virginia’s ecosystem.

To do this, all you need is a pair of socks and a paper or plastic bag.

Step outside and find the seeds

Step 1: Put a sock over one shoe and go on a walk through a grassy area or field. Try to find an area rich in seed-bearing plants.

Step 2: Have your child take off the sock and examine it carefully. What has attached to the sock? Next, place the sock in a paper or plastic bag.

Step 3: Remove the seeds and other particles from the sock. Talk with your child about what you see. Seeds, grass, small bits of twigs are all important!

Step 4: Have your child record with words and/or drawings all of the things they found on their sock.

Step 5: Discuss with your child how seeds are carried by animals, similar to how they carried seeds on their sock.

Why is this process important? What happens to the seeds that fall off? Complete the activity to find out!

When you finish, you can even plant the seeds in a shoe box. Water sparingly, and discover what beautiful wildflowers may sprout to life.

Download this activity to complete at home with your family.

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