What is WDCA?

A Wildlife Damage Control Agent (WDCA) is a professional who is licensed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to operate a business specializing in nuisance wildlife and wildlife damage control. They charge for their services like any other privately-owned business. In West Virginia, WDCAs must complete and pass a rigorous course requirement before being licensed. To see a list of agents, click here.

Why become a WDCA?

For those interested, becoming a WDCA can give you the opportunity to own and operate your own full or part time business while providing a fulfilling, professional career. Be aware that starting such a business does not guarantee success. Researching local markets to determine need is strongly advised.

How do I become a WDCA?

Persons interested in becoming a licensed Wildlife Damage Control Agent (WDCA) must:

  1. Complete an application for a WDCA license.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Register for and complete the online course. Applicant must satisfactorily pass the online test that is part of this training and present their certificate of completion. The course costs $200 and includes two attempts to pass the test. Each additional attempt costs $100. Test is open book format.
  4. Demonstrate his or her knowledge of wildlife damage control agent laws, regulations and policies through satisfactory completion of a WVDNR-monitored written test. This test must be scheduled with a district wildlife biologist at any WVDNR district office. This is a closed book test and includes information from 58 CSR 41, which is available from the Secretary of State’s Office, and the current Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary, which are available at WVdnr.gov.
  5. Satisfactorily pass a background check to determine if the applicant has been convicted of any violations of federal or state statutes relating to the activity for which the license is sought.
  6. Pay the appropriate fee for the category of license for which the person has applied.