Family: Centrarchidae 
Common Family: The Sunfish Family
Common Name: Redbreast Sunfish
Scientific Name: Lepomis auritus 


They are olive-green in color with a reddish-orange belly, and have brown vertical bars on their sides. Redbreast sunfish have a small mouth like a bluegill. However, they have short rounded pectoral fins, while bluegills have long pointed pectoral fins. Redbreast have a long dark blue-black ear flap, with the color extending down onto the gill flap.

Range and Habitat

Redbreast sunfish are native to the Potomac River drainage in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. They have been introduced in other streams such as the Greenbrier and New Rivers.

Fishing Facts

Redbreast sunfish feed on small crustaceans and insects. Angling techniques are similar to those used to catch bluegill.

Similar Species

Longear sunfish, bluegill, green sunfish, and other sunfish species.