News Release: July 8, 2021

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.VA. — Proposed legislative rule changes filed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources are open for public comment until July 29.

Members of the public who wish to comment on the proposed legislative rules must submit their comments by July 29 via email to or via mail to this address:

WV Division of Natural Resources
ATTN: Wendy Greene
324 4th Avenue, Room 328
South Charleston, WV 25303

The following proposed legislative rule changes are out for review and can also be viewed on the WV Secretary of State’s website:

Commercial Whitewater Outfitters (58CSR12)
This revision reflects changes approved by the Whitewater Commission and include the increase of permittable river flow volumes on the New River for rental watercraft.

Revocation of Hunting and Fishing Licenses (58CSR23)
This revision reflects changes to make the rule current with the language of WV Code and current license structure.

Boating Rule (58CSR25)
This revision reflects changes made by the U.S. Coast Guard, effective April 4, 2021, regarding engine cut-off switches and engine cut-off switch links.

Special Boating Rule (58CSR26)
This revision reflects changes made by HB 2773, which was passed during the 2021 Regular Legislative Session, and relates to the operation of motorboats with motors greater than 10 HP on the Upper Mud River.

Special Motorboating Regulations (58CSR27)
This revision reflects a change requested by the City of Charleston to implement a no-wake zone on the Elk River between the Quarrier Street and Lee Street bridges (MM 0.25 to 0.40).

Wildlife Education Facilities (58CSR30)
This is a new rule that establishes regulations to govern public use of Wildlife Education Facilities under the jurisdiction of the WVDNR Wildlife Resources Section.

Public Shooting Ranges (58CSR38)
This is a new rule to ensure the safety of users at public shooting ranges located on state wildlife management areas, state forests and on other local private or governmental entities in which the WVDNR holds a cooperative management agreement. The rule establishes range safety standards, hours of operation, allowable shooting range uses, target and firearm caliber specifications for shooting ranges, and required observance of posted shooting range safety rules.

Prohibitions when Hunting and Trapping (58CSR47)
This revision reflects changes that will allow trappers to use unexposed baits at sites containing traps on public lands during the legal trapping season. It also provides clarification as to what type of tree stands are permitted on public lands and clarification that the New River Gorge National Park section is closed to hunting.

General Hunting (58CSR49)
This revision reflects a change necessary due to the passage of SB 416 during the 2021 Regular Legislative session. The rule changes the definition of firearms to match the federal code.

General Trapping (58CSR53)
Revisions to this rule include: language relating to the electronic registration of harvested bobcat and fisher; modifying the name of New River Gorge National Park and Preserve as an area in which trapping is prohibited; as well as a change relating to the use of terrestrial snares. Minor technical changes have also been made to the rule.

Commercial Sale of Wildlife (58CSR63)
Revisions to this rule include removal of language relating to disease testing which is no longer needed since the captive cervid regulations are now under the authority of the WV Department of Agriculture. Several technical changes also were made.

Lifetime Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing Licenses (58CSR67)
Revisions to this rule reflect changes necessary due to the passage of SB 502 during the 2021 Regular Legislative session. Technical changes also were made.

Wildlife Disease Management (58CSR69)
Revisions to this rule include clarification to the baiting and feeding, and carcass and live wildlife transportation regulations. Additional definitions have been included to provide additional clarification to the rule. Several technical and minor wording modifications also were made.