News Release: December 11, 2020

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.VA. — It’s the season of giving, and hunters in West Virginia are encouraged to give back during the holidays by making a donation to the state’s Hunters Helping the Hungry program.

The program is administered by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and provides thousands of pounds of venison to needy families and charitable organizations around the state. Hunters can donate a harvested deer or make a financial contribution.

“I’m convinced that the only thing better than enjoying a successful hunting season and filling your freezer with venison is being able to share your good luck with others,” said WVDNR Director Stephen McDaniel. “We take a lot of things for granted in life and the holidays are a time for us all to take a step back and help care for someone who may be less fortunate. Our Hunters Helping the Hungry program is one of the best ways hunters can make a difference in their community.”

Hunters who want to harvest a deer and donate the meat to the program have several hunting opportunities before the end of the year. The archery and crossbow season for deer is open until Dec. 31, the antlerless split season is open in select counties Dec. 10-13 and Dec. 28-31 and the muzzleloader season is open Dec. 14-20. Hunters who need to purchase a hunting license or stamps should visit

To make a donation, hunters may take a harvested deer to one of 13 certified meat processors, where the venison is ground, packaged and frozen. Donated meat is distributed to food pantries, soup kitchens and other charitable organizations around the state by the Mountaineer Food Bank and Facing Hunger Foodbank.

Financial contributions also are accepted. Checks and money orders should be made out to Hunters Helping the Hungry and mailed to:

Hunters Helping the Hungry
WV Division of Natural Resources
163 Wildlife Road
French Creek, WV 26218

For more information about donating to Hunters Helping the Hungry, visit