On Tuesday, Gov. Justice announced that in April and May, the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources will stock 25,000 tiger trout in lakes and streams throughout West Virginia.

Tiger trout will be stocked with other trout species at a rate of 10 percent in scheduled stockings. Many are trophy size at four pounds.

“This is just the latest example of the unique, world-class fishing opportunities we’re providing in West Virginia for anglers from our great state and all over the country. I could not be more proud,” Gov. Justice said.

Tiger trout, which are known for unique markings that look like tiger stripes, are bred in hatcheries by fertilizing brown trout eggs with brook trout milt. Jim Hedrick, hatchery program manager for the WVDNR, said hatchery staff have been raising tiger trout for a few years and are now ready to stock them around the state.

“Tiger trout are a cross between brook and brown trout and aren’t usually found in nature, so this stocking is going to provide a really unique opportunity for anglers looking for a challenge,” Hedrick said. “We stocked tiger trout a number of years ago but haven’t done it recently, so stocking these fish is an exciting opportunity for anglers.”

Tiger trout are aggressive and while a special technique or bait is not necessary to catch one, anglers targeting the fish can use lures, such as small spoons, spinners or jigs. To entice more strikes, anglers should try keeping their lure moving and change up their retrieve.

All anglers must follow West Virginia’s fishing regulations, and all anglers 15 and older are required to have a West Virginia fishing license and trout stamp.