The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) has many instructional materials and learning opportunities available for teachers to use both in and out of the classroom. Please check out some of the below options for your students.

Resources for Teachers

Outdoor Classrooms

Learning about wildlife can be fun for all ages. Outdoor Classrooms are a hands-on learning experience where we bring students into the field or bring the outdoors into the classroom, giving students the chance to get up close and personal with wildlife artifacts such as furs, skulls, antlers, snake skins and even a live critter or two.

Outdoor Classrooms can be tailored to each individual class with many presentation options available to be scheduled. We host a variety of options including presentations on wildlife, careers and Project WILD!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ashley Anderson at the Division of Natural Resources or by email at

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West Virginia State Wildlife Center

The West Virginia State Wildlife Center welcomes you and your students for an outdoor learning experience. This educational facility allows the public to encounter native species (or once native) in a safe and educational environment. Woodland animals can be found along the accessible 1.25-mile walking trail. This loop includes animals such as mountain lions, coyotes, wolves, and black bears. Group rates, picnic shelters and tours available upon request.

For additional information, please contact the West Virginia State Wildlife Center staff by calling (304) 924-6211.

Educational Trunks

Have you ever wondered how you were going to get that lesson plan complete for science? Here’s the answer. The DNR has great trunks that are full of wonderful materials, including books, DVDs, puppets, posters, transparencies, CDs, stamps, puzzles, and games. Best of all a complete lesson plan is included in the package that is full of great exercises that the kids will love. These resources are geared for classes in the K-6 range and each trunk is dedicated to information about birds, bats, mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians. The trunks will provide hours of interactive learning, and foster awareness of birds and bats and their place in the world.

How can I get an Educational Trunk?

Trunks are available for loan to educators statewide with a $25 refundable deposit. Return postage is the responsibility of the school (approximately $40 – $45) and the trunks are loaned for a 3-week period. Teachers will receive the manual two weeks in advance of the trunk delivery.

For an application write, call, or email:

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

Wildlife Resources Section

324 4th Avenue

South Charleston, WV 25303

(304) 558-6200

Resources for Students & Teachers
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Mountain State Jelly Fish
American Robin
Eastern Chipmunk
Freshwater Mussels
Native Brook Trout
Monarch Butterfly
Spotted Turtle
Wood Frog
Woodpecker Adaptations

Are you in need of an activity for your elementary, middle school, or high school students? The WVDNR has some activities to offer that your students can do at home with limited materials.

Interested? Contact Ashley Anderson,, or (304) 558-2771